Vote 'THORNE' on November 8th, 2022

A Vision for the
Citizens of Colorado

Pursue Truth.
demand Accountability.
Defend Liberty.
Require Transparency.
protect Constitutional Rights.
Equal Justice for All.  

Stanley Charles Thorne offers himself to serve We the People as Colorado Attorney General. He brings to the table a very large and inspired body of work, guaranteed to show you his heart for the People of this Nation, the People of this State, and for each of us!  READ MORE…

As the Peoples Attorney General, Thorne will set a new agenda with different priorities.

Thorne will protect and defend individual liberty by using the criminal laws to investigate and prosecute those who violate the Constitutional rights of each and every Colorado citizen to:

  • Election integrity
  • Health and medical freedom
  • Rights of parents and children and grandparents
  • Rights of employees to be free of workplace coercion
  • Property rights of business owners
  • Equal protection of one and all to be free from unconstitutional Executive Orders and mandates issued by bureaucrats and employers acting as enforcers of unlawful state policies